Elisabeth Hughes, your UCP candidate for Edmonton-Whitemud

We can all be proud that in Alberta hard work is respected and community service is valued. As a small business owner with my husband and a lifelong community volunteer, I have seen the harmful effects that the NDP has had on all sectors of our economy. Their out-of-touch policies and regulations are damaging our economy by driving investment out of the province. And as jobs disappear or salaries are frozen, and costs increase, families are caught in an economic strangle hold, squeezed and burdened with higher taxes, facing difficult personal decisions. Many of our most important volunteer organizations are experiencing reduced donations and are now short staffed and forced to use their precious donations to pay for costs inflated by carbon taxes, and unable to respond to the people who depend on their services. We need a UCP government that will cut taxes to help families thrive and cut red tape to create a better free enterprise environment for businesses to succeed. I am committed to adding my experience to Jason Kenney’s diverse and skilled UCP team, to restoring the Alberta Advantage, and to giving back to Albertans the opportunity to do what they do best